Using FRP Grating Outdoors: 3 Quick Case Studies

There is a near guarantee that the great outdoors will take a toll on almost any structural materials – whatever the weather. Rain contributes to oxidation. Winds cause erosion. Even sunshine can cause aesthetic damage through photobleaching.

Weatherability isn’t an intrinsic property, but it can be correlated to specific materials and how we deploy them in set scenarios. Wood is hygroscopic, for instance, which means it readily absorbs water and swells, causing the grain to prise apart over time. You can treat the surface with water-resistant resins, but this takes time, effort, and repeated application. So, we can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that wood isn’t the ideal material for use outdoors.

Fiber reinforced polymers (FRP), by contrast, excel in outdoor applications. We have written at length about the exceptional weatherability of FRP systems. In this article, we don’t intend to re-tread the same ground. Instead, we will offer a quick overview of three case studies where our FRP systems were leveraged outdoors – letting the performance of our products speak for themselves.

FRP Molded Grating in Downtown Flushing

0709-SkyViewParcRooftopSubflooring-DetailThe Grand at Sky View Parc is part of a billion dollar housing development in the Flushing area of New York City, comprising 437 luxury condos and a four-acre planted rooftop garden. We supplied DURAGRATE® Molded Grating for subflooring of the rooftop space which houses an outdoor kitchen, a swimming pool, a reflecting pool, and a meditation area. This demanded a lightweight solution with high bi-directional tensile strength. These compound demands made FRP the only logical solution.

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Sustainable Rooftops with FRP Grating

The excellent strength-to-weight characteristics and superb weatherability of FRP has resulted in ever-growing interest from rooftop architects. It was chosen by the forward-thinking designers of the Gordon Persons Building in Montgomery Alabama, who were buying into the green roofing movement. We supported this effort by supplying FRP structural units and grating solutions from our EXTREN® and DURAGRATE® lines, providing the necessary durability and drainage qualities for the job.

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FRP Grating for Busy Suspension Bridges

Not exclusive to rooftop applications, our FRP grating systems have been the choice of architects tackling high-traffic decking areas for years. We supplied an extensive range of FRP materials to engineers of a composite bridge deck at the University of Tennessee, demanding simultaneous resistance to corrosion and water ingress all year-round, plus high foot traffic from the student population. Needless to say, our FRP solutions fit the bill.

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Looking for FRP Solutions?

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