Waterpark Structures: Making a Splash with FRP

At Strongwell, we offer a diverse line of customized ‘fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)’ waterpark structures that promote absolute quality and safety in waterpark infrastructures. In this article, we will take a look at why FRP technology is so superior to alternative construction materials.

FRP: Characteristics and Properties

Anti-rust and Corrosion-resistant Equipment 

Accounting for the aesthetics and long-term appearance of the waterpark structures and fittings, the equipment put in place must be expertly-engineered, built to last and maintain its fresh aesthetic.

Slip & Slide Security

Our inventive FRP tread and grip sheets massively reduce the risk of a sudden slip or skid. Our grit surface technology protects swimmers while providing a comfortable underfoot surface that will not grate against sensitive skin.

Structural Strength

The sturdiness of structures whose primary job is to withstand the sustained pressure placed upon them is vital. FRP waterpark structures excel over practically any rival material due to their outstanding lateral and tensile strength combined with their imperviousness to water ingress, which translates to long-term structural integrity.

Having listed the benefits of FRP, let us take a closer look at the FRP waterpark structures that our specialists have designed, guaranteeing that you and your loved ones can slip and slide the day away with peace of mind.

Our Most Successful FRP Waterpark Structures

Meeting the growing needs of our customers and satisfying their individual requests for tailormade waterpark structures is something we continue to strive for at Strongwell.

Waterpark structures of the past were predominantly made of traditional metals such as steel. Though strong and sturdy in their composition, steel solutions couldn’t compete with the more creatively constructed FRP components.

STRONGRAIL® fiberglass handrail and fencing

Our specialized handrail and fencing solutions offer a solid safety barrier between areas where people are sliding or maybe taking a break. Our anti-corrosion, hardwearing fiberglass fencing ensures that the aesthetics of the waterpark are maintained while the sections between leisure areas are clearly and securely segregated.

SAFRAIL™ fiberglass handrail system

Our specialist SAFRAIL™ fiberglass handrail system is commonly chosen and deployed for its durability and high resistance to chlorine-rich water.

DURAGRID® T-1800 pultruded grating

Our open grating with practical purpose-built perforations throughout prevents the pooling of unwanted water, letting it run down harmlessly. This is a popular feature as it contributes to anti-corrosion while keeping the surfaces clear.

Resting surface water has proven to be a constant concern for waterpark structure manufacturers. Previous metallic systems did little to provide a high-friction, slip-free surface. Our exclusive pultruded grating, not only gives far greater levels of grip but, can resist long-term wear and rust from water damage.


0829-Waterpark of America Platforms and Stair Towers

FRP is the New Wave

So, what are you getting with Strongwell FRP waterpark structures that wooden and metallic models simply cannot match?

From a financial standpoint, the inevitable and expensive replacement and renewal of bruised and beaten equipment puts financial strain on the waterpark owners.

We produce equipment constructed to carry greater weights with higher levels of longevity and durability. When it comes to erosion and exposure to the elements, your structures won’t need to be fixed or replaced. Visit our website to find out more about the many merits of our FRP product lines. Contact us today to learn more.