Why Use FRP Stair Crossovers?

FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) is a material that works well for a range of workplace safety applications and industrial process equipment. The properties of FRP are significantly better than many other materials which are generally used in workplace safety applications such as steel. The use of FRP stair crossovers enhances workplace safety, providing a safe, comfortable passage across an obstruction.

What is FRP Made From?

FRP is composed of thermosetting fiberglass and resins which form a significant environmental and chemical resistance in FRP products whilst the glass fiber forms the structural strength.

The composition of FRP means it is highly corrosion resistant and can endure chemical attack and both high and low temperatures. It is highly durable and large amounts of maintenance are not necessary to maintain performance. FRP has a long lifespan due to its simplicity to repair.

The Principals of Stair Crossovers

Stair crossovers are also sometimes known as crossover bridges and can come as bolted access stairs or alternating tread stairs. FRP is an exceptionally strong material with the ability to support extremely heavy loads. This, coupled with its ability to be formed into complex shapes without impact strength is why FRP is extremely well-suited to applications that create workplace safety such as stair crossovers, as well as handrails and grates. 0563-Fajardo WWTP Detail

FRP is also anti-slip, which is another reason that it is extremely well-suited for use in stair crossovers. The corrosion-resistant nature of FRP means that is will not degrade over time causing further hazards to workplaces.

For settings that have plenty of space, FRP crossovers with bolted access stairs are the most optimum solution as they need significantly more space to install however they are the most comfortable to use.

Conversely, if a setting has limited space for stairs, FRP crossovers with alternative tread stairs require a minimal amount of space, however, the steeper angle is not as comfortable to use.

At Strongwell, we provide FRP gratings for use in stair crossovers which are cost-effective, lightweight, and durable. To find out more, contact our team of experts today.