Why Use GRP Industrial Railing Offshore?

At Strongwell, we produce industrial handrail systems in the form of stair rails, platform rails, and guardrails. Our SAFRAIL™ systems have been developed by a team with over 40 years of experience manufacturing fiberglass handrail systems. The designs are built to provide a secure barrier around platforms, walkways, and stairways.

SAFRAIL™ industrial fiberglass handrails

Our SAFRAIL™ industrial fiberglass handrails are constructed with pultruded fiberglass components, which we produce, and molded thermoplastic connectors. The durability and strength of these materials make our railing systems perfect for industrial applications, especially those based offshore.

The material used to produce these industrial railing systems has multiple names. Fiberglass is also commonly known as fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), glass fiber reinforced plastic or glass reinforced polymer (GRP), but they are the same material.

The following products categorize SAFRAIL™ industrial fiberglass handrails:

  • SAFRAIL™ Round Handrail
  • SAFRAIL™ Square Handrail
  • SAFRAIL™ Phenolic (round or square)
  • SAFRAIL™ Wavezone Handrail

Uses in offshore applications and benefits

Structures in offshore locations are frequently subjected to harsh weather conditions and exposed to several chemicals and corrosive materials that can cause damage. This is why our SAFRAIL™ systems are built to last.

The hand railings are available in polyester, vinyl ester, or phenolic resin systems and in a range of shapes and fabricated structures. They also meet or exceed numerous UK, US, and Australian safety standards along with the international ASTM E985 regulation.

Aside from their high safety standards, some of the main benefits of our railings are that they are:

  • Easy to install: with minimal tools and alterations
  • Produced with extra safety features: yellow safety color and low electrical conductivity, as well as meeting numerous international safety standards
  • Cost-effective: fiberglass components and our easy installation design allow savings on labor and upkeep
  • Low maintenance: FRP does not rust or rot, and the materials should enable a long service life
  • Extremely strong - the components of FRP make it strong, able to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as being exceedingly resistant to salt water and chemicals

As well as our SAFRAIL™ systems, we also provide other products for offshore applications, mainly in the oil and gas industries. These include our DURADEK® and DURAGRID® gratings, used for walkways and access areas, SAFRAIL™ ladders and cages, and SAFPLATE®, which can be bonded to our DURADEK® or DURAGRID® gratings.

Additional Features Of The Fiberglass Railing Systems

For strength, durability, and safety reasons, SAFRAIL™ railing systems are an excellent choice for offshore applications. However, we also provide the option for each system to be customized in various ways. Some options include:

  • Colors: whilst we use the yellow safety color as standard practice, other colors are available if requested
  • UV Coating: we recommend that polyurethane coating is applied to the railing system to help protect against fading
  • Resin systems: polyester resin is used for SAFRAIL™ railing systems, but others are available upon request
  • Shapes: the choice of square or round rails are available

It is also possible to upgrade to heavy-duty railing systems or use a vertical railing system instead of the standard horizontal type.

If you are interested in any of our products, customization options or have any questions, please reach out to us via our contact page.