All for Clarification


A wastewater treatment facility originally built in 1988 recently upgraded its operational clarification capacity to reduce odor emission.

Located in Stewartville, Minnesota, the facility took part in a $750,000 overall improvement plan. One part of the master improvement plan required the use of flat clarifier covers to control odor emissions and debris entry into the clarification process.

Product: WWTF Clarifier Covers
Process: Pultrusion, Fabrication
Materials & Sizes:

  • SAFPLANK® Interlocking Decking System:

    • 24" wide gritted planks

For: City of Stewartville, MN, Wastewater Treatment Facility

The facility requested a component with extended support span capabilities. SAFPLANK® was a simple fit for the facility’s aeration ditches. The product offered a smooth interlocking gritted surface to ensure safe pedestrian access with load capacity support. As an added measure to prevent further disruption, the benefits of on-site fabrication and installation with fiberglass was more attractive than welding steel and its hot work permitting requirements.

For this project, the SAFPLANK® was pultruded in a slate gray color with a polyester resin system that meets ASTM E84 and ASTM D635 flame spread and self-extinguishing requirements. Each corrosion resistant composite panel measures 2" deep and 24" wide.

  • 1112-Stewartville-MN-WWTF-Clarifier-Covers-1
  • 1112-Stewartville-MN-WWTF-Clarifier-Covers-2

The project was completed ahead of schedule. The site’s Lead Water Specialist and Wastewater operator was impressed with the overall product and its fabrication and installation processes with simple carpentry tools.

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