Case Study: Ballistic Panels Provide Additional Levels of School Protection


Product: Ballistic School Entry
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes: HS Armor Panels
For: Installation Contractor
User: Tennessee educational institution

School districts are taking proactive steps to ensure school safety and security. In addition to training, schools have begun to implement smart technology and materials to combat security threats.

Strongwell’s HS Armor panels began as a military product application installed and tested throughout the world to protect high value assets. With successful expansion into both the building and vehicular markets, an educational institution in Tennessee with almost 1,200 students underwent a renovation during the summer break for securing entry points, bundled with an added level of ballistic protection.

The school district was able to procure over forty Strongwell HS Armor panels to provide UL Level 8 protection. Strongwell’s panels are independently tested to ensure strict adherence to Universal Laboratories (UL 752) Levels 1 through 8 and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Levels 1, 2A, 2 and 3A.

Through the use of contractors, the panels were hung and installed just like drywall and finished with a layer of drywall and compound in a matter of days. The entire area was completed, including paint, trim, new entryways, and electrical wiring in under four weeks.

Both the contractor and school were surprised with the ease of installation, fabrication, and quality of the Made in USA product.

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