Case Study: Fiberglass Catwalk Lightens The Load for Airplane Hanger

0802-Airplane Hangar CatwalkPlatforms made of DURAGRID® I-7000 grating are part of the new FedEX 747 hanger at the Anchorage Airport, Anchorage, Alaska. DURAGRID® grating, which is 1/4 the weight of steel grating, provides the structural support necessary for the platforms without adding weight and stress to the roof supports when the hanger doors are opened.

Product: Catwalk
Process: Pultrusion
Materials: Fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester, fire retardant
Sizes: DURAGRID® I-7000 grating
For: Alaska Steel
User: Anchorage Airport

The design engineers needed to keep the platforms above the 200 foot high doors as light as possible. When these doors are open to enable a 747 plane to pass into the hanger, the roof trusses are the only support on this side of the building. Working with Strongwell-Chatfield Location, Alaska Steel was able to demonstrate how the lightweight fiberglass grating could solve the problems created by this application.

The new FedEX hanger will make it easier to process the increase in mail coming from all over the world to this important distribution point.

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