Case Study: Fiberglass Runs Through Elevated Rail Walkway

0854-ElevatedRailServiceWalkway-Main 0854-ElevatedRailServiceWalkway-Detail

Product: Elevated Rail Service Walkway
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes:

  • DURAGRID® I-6000 1-1/2"
  • EXTREN® 500 series 3" x 3/16" angle
For: Alro Plastics
User: Public

The New Farm Lane Underpass project was instituted due to an increase of residential and commercial growth around a major public university in East Lansing, Michigan. On a daily basis, close to 60 trains travel through that particular campus. In some instances, these trains span as long as two miles, causing up to five hours of accumulated daily traffic delays. To remedy these delays, an underpass, accompanied with bike paths and sidewalks under the railroad bridge, was created to continue the flow of traffic.

The elevated railroad bridge supporting the railroad lines had to be refurbished as well. One of the requirements was to create a service walkway on the elevated railroad bridge which would be low-maintenance and electrically nonconductive. Due to the harsh winters in Michigan, the walkways also had to provide slip resistance and corrosion resistance against a myriad of deicing salts and liquids. As the size of the university’s campus is estimated to be around 5,200 acres, the distant storage of the building materials from the build site posed some logistical site transportation challenges. Therefore, an easy-to-transport and lightweight material was prescribed to limit traffic interruption.

Understanding all these challenging factors, Alro Plastics supplied Strongwell’s 1-1/2" thick DURAGRID® I-6000 gritted pultruded grating with EXTREN® 500 series 3" x 3/16" equal leg angle to create a system for the walking surface. The Made in USA grating is exclusively manufactured in Strongwell’s Chatfield facility and EXTREN® is made exclusively in the USA at one of Strongwell’s three domestic facilities.

After more than five years in service, both the user and supplier have reported that the DURAGRID® and EXTREN® products have fared well in performance, safety, durability and aesthetics.

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