Case Study: First In Flight with Personal Hydrofoiling

0155-ElectricHydrofoilSurfboardKeel-Main 0155-ElectricHydrofoilSurfboardKeel-Detail

Product: Electrical Hydrofoil Surfboard Keel
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes: Custom Pultrusion
For: Lift Foils
User: Lift Foils

Born out of a concept by the head engineer at Lift Foils, the Lift eFoil was made possible through the innovative use of composites combined with emerging technologies. The Lift eFoil is the first electric hydrofoil surfboard with wings underneath to create lift as it gains propulsion through water. During the prototyping stage, common metallic and off-the-shelf components were used.

Eventually, Lift Foils co-developed a custom pultrusion with Strongwell to produce the strong, lightweight backbone of the revolutionary Lift eFoil. The keel was originally prototyped with metal, then resin transfer molding (RTM). Pultrusion offered an opportunity to ensure tolerance consistency and proper fit of additional components for mass production. With the introduction of numerous types of carbon and glass reinforcements, stitched, and woven materials, the mass manufacturing process of Strongwell’s pultrusion yields a carbon and glass keel to produce the greatest multi-axis strength with the lightest possible weight.

This particular pultruded CFRP hybrid keel provides strength and stability for riders without sacrificing levitation performance. Topping out at 25 mph (or 22 knots), the keel on the eFoil works with a winged fin and electric motor to provide the sensation of flight over water for riders up to about 200 lbs.

Since launch, the eFoil has gained in popularity for professional and novice surfers alike. The product has been on tour globally and featured on various digital news outlets.

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