Case Study: Sunshade Awnings Preserve Views

0591-Apartment Sunshade Awnings Main0591-Apartment Sunshade Awnings DetailsSunshade installations have become increasingly popular in building designs as the influx of city dwellers continue to challenge housing and urban developers. As the demands for natural views and optimal lighting increase, architects and urban developers have begun to implement permanent sunshade installations due to their aesthetics and functionality. However, not all sunshades are manufactured equally. In certain environments, extruded aluminum with anodized or powder-coated finishes are adequate for sunshades and fascia. Such is not the case for structures in southern California, which are constantly challenged by Pacific winds coupled with abundant sunshine. In marine environments, the question with metallic structures is not if it will corrode, but when.  Material choices in design stages matter a great deal in these instances. Designers and installers have begun to introduce fiber reinforced polymers (often known simply as FRP) materials into projects which have historically encountered corrosion and installation challenges.

Product: Apartment Sunshade Awnings
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes: EXTREN® structural shapes:

  • 4" Channels
  • Tubes and Plates
For: Porter FRP
User: Mill Creek Residential Trust

Porter FRP worked with Mill Creek Residential Trust in California to provide a durable and lightweight, low-maintenance solution to offer shade for their luxurious apartments located in Laguna Niguel. By doing so, residents could appreciate the dynamic views of over 12 beaches as well as multiple state and national parks and forests with limited glare. Due to the construction timeline, Porter FRP needed a prefabricated, drop-in FRP solution to be delivered onsite with no welding. For this custom sunshade awning, Strongwell’s fabrication team utilized EXTREN® 4" channels, tubes and plates so that installers could easily hoist these completed custom awnings for installation with a light-duty crane.

Both the customer and end-user are pleased with the Made in USA products and are looking forward to decades of maintenance free service.

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