Grating Holds Up Around Ruins


Strongwell recently inspected the walkways of Mill Ruins Park on a site visit. The project was originally outfitted in 2006 with pultruded grating manufactured by Strongwell.

The park was acquired in the early 20th century as part of a redevelopment initiative by the city of Minneapolis to create a central riverfront park for the downtown portion of the city. Today, the park offers visitors an opportunity to explore the ruins of multiple water-powered flour mills which flourished along the Mississippi River in a previous era. To tour these ruins, a path was constructed in 2006 using pultruded fiberglass grating as a long-term, cost-
effective approach to park maintenance.

Product: Park Access Walkway Grating
Process: Pultrusion, Fabrication
Materials & Sizes:

  • DURAGRID® Pultruded Grating:

    • T-1800 1" panels
    • T-3300 2" stair treads

For: L.S. Black Construction
User: City of Minneapolis, MN, Parks & Recreation

Strongwell provided the materials for the contractor, L.S. Black Construction, to outfit the walkways. Two variations of Strongwell’s composite pultruded grating were used for this project. For the pedestrian walkways, T-1800 DURAGRID® 1" grating was used. For stair treads, DURAGRID® T-3300 2" grating was used to complement the walkways. Both products were (and continue to be) manufactured at Strongwell’s production facility in nearby Chatfield, Minnesota.

  • 0831-Durability-Update-Park-Access-Walkway-1
  • 0831-Durability-Update-Park-Access-Walkway-2
  • 0831-Durability-Update-Park-Access-Walkway-3
  • 0831-Durability-Update-Park-Access-Walkway-4
  • 0831-Durability-Update-Park-Access-Walkway-5

Upon inspection, the product was reported to be in great operational condition. All of the panels are intact and continue to be used on a daily basis by park visitors with little to no maintenance requirements.

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