The Benefits of Fiberglass Products for Utility Applications

Compounding this sense of heightened responsibility are the demanding operating conditions of utilities services. Continuous weathering effects and corrosion or rot from process liquids are everyday factors that gradually degrade utility systems, increasing operating expenses and limiting the service lifespan of integral components.

Fiberglass products represent the ideal solution to these issues, providing enhanced resistance to weathering and corrosion alongside significant cost-savings with regards to manufacturing and installation.

This blog post will explore the benefits of fiberglass products for utility applications in more detail.

Fiberglass Products: Lightweight, High Strength

Fiberglass products are engineered from multidirectional glass fabrics with reinforcing polymer elements and resin coatings. These material matrices are extremely lightweight, boasting enhanced strength-to-weight ratios superior to that of structural steel. This is extremely beneficial for tall, free-standing structures such as transmission poles which must be engineered for high wind-load strengths. Weak materials may collapse during adverse weather, causing power outages and posing a severe risk to public health.

Fiberglass Products: Comprehensive Corrosion Resistance

Strength is often secondary to corrosion resistance in the utility sector. Transmission poles with extremely high wind-load strengths can still fail due to gradual degradation from external weathering effects. Water permeation can lead to wood rotting while perspiration can cause aluminum transmission poles to rust, reducing their desirable mechanical properties.

Fiberglass products are broadly resistant to an extensive range of corrosives. Weirs and baffles in the water and wastewater treatment industry require unerring resistance to hygroscopic swelling and chemical attack from numerous organic compounds. Fiberglass baffle panels are proven to outlast wood and steel alternatives, which are subject to reversible and irreversible fouling from demanding feed water.

Fiberglass Products from Strongwell

At Strongwell, we engineer high-performance fiber-reinforced polymer composites for some of the most demanding industrial sectors worldwide. Our fiberglass product range eclipses conventional alternatives on almost all fronts, providing a cost-effective solution for established utility challenges.

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