Composites Challenge Aerospace Engineers

100_0177wpStephen Browning, P.E. (Structural Engineer-Bristol)  and Joe Spanovich (Research and Development Engineer-Bristol)  were recently invited by Dr. Stephanie TerMaath to speak with a group of undergraduate aerospace engineering students from the University of Tennessee. Stephen and Joe’s presentations highlighted how customizable designs of composites can be versus traditional products. Load and strength tolerances were also compared against traditional materials.
Strongwell presenters explained to the class that the composites industry as a whole is still in its infancy. Unlike many traditional materials, composites are highly adaptable to meet specific project demands, testing capabilities and design modeling software inputs. Joe Spanovich presented recent case studies within the automotive, commercial aerospace, wind power and cruise missile sectors where composites were used to address past, current and future design challenges.
As the world’s leader in pultrusion, Strongwell believes that imagination and the collective educational outreach by composites manufacturers, engineers, and material designers will provide insight and opportunities to test, develop and ultimately incorporate composites to address future design needs.
Strongwell would like to extend thanks to the fifty aerospace students and Dr. Termaath for coordinating and taking the time to invite and host Strongwell’s engineers.