Employees Learn about Achieving World Class Results

world class resultsBarry Myers (Corporate Marketing Manager) and Meghan Carty (Corporate Purchasing and Pricing Manager) recently enrolled in a two-day course titled “Achieving World Class Results” with the Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (BEI), located in Kingsport, Tennessee. The educational course offered a holistic and integrated approach into how the various management systems operate within Pal’s Sudden Service.

Pal’s Sudden Service is a regional fast food restaurant chain founded in 1956. It was the first fast food chain restaurant to win the highly coveted Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, an award typically often won by healthcare, hospitality, and educational institutions. Its operational footprint exists in northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia with an avid, cult-like following throughout the world. The quick-service drive-thru is known for its service, food quality, speed, and efficiency.

Over a period of two days, both of these Strongwell employees were exposed to the Pal’s management practices in human resources, process management, customer focus, and leadership methods used to yield high performance results.

On day one, both members were able to observe and experience first-hand the store operations with a both a workforce focus and store tour.

The second day included a discussion and activities related to how management approaches planning and processes to achieve world-class results.

At the conclusion of the class, the attendees scheduled a follow-up meeting to discuss an action plan with a BEI success coach.

Both of Strongwell’s employees were thoroughly impressed with the class, Pal’s operations, and key takeaways of the program.