Fajardo, Puerto Rico Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Fajardo Waste Water Treatment Plant in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, was recently outfitted with a huge variety of fiberglass structural components from Strongwell.
The new facility features solid covers, odor control covers, ladders and handrail, various equipment enclosures, pipe bridges, pipe supports, and numerous cross-over platforms. Each structure was fabricated using EXTREN® beams, SAFRAIL™ square handrail and SAFPLANK® fiberglass decking.

The project was originally designed, engineered and bid to contractors using aluminum in the specifications. However, concerns such as pilfering of the recyclable metal in the remote area and resistance to corrosive chemicals presented themselves and project managers decided to look for an alternative. Strongwell was able to take the specifications and produce a cost-competitive FRP solution, thereby solving both problems. Along with being cost efficient, corrosion resistant and non-recyclable, the project managers were pleased that the FRP platforms, supports, handrails and covers could all be purchased from a single manufacturer.