Fiberglass Products for ADA Compliant Facilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established by the US Department of Justice in 2010, setting out a series of Standards of Accessible Design for public and commercial facilities. This measure was put in place to ensure that individuals with disabilities and their friends, families, and caregivers have easy access to locations of public accommodation.

The Department of Justice encourages organizations to self-regulate their accessibility protocols by installing accessible routes into buildings with unobtrusive security barriers. This can represent significant investment requirements for facilities that are currently below ADA standards.

At Strongwell, we believe there is no cause for compromise between quality, cost, and accessibility. This blog post will explore our range of ADA compliant fiberglass products that can elevate your facility at a fraction of the cost of established materials.

Anti-Slip Fiberglass Stair Tread Covers

According to ADA standards, accessible staircases must be constructed of uniform treads and risers with nosings that project no more than 38 millimetres (mm) outwards. Molded fiberglass stair treads can be manufactured to these distinct specifications with additional safety measures to maximize the benefits of your investment.

DURATREADTM is an anti-slip fiberglass product designed to augment concrete, metal, or wooden staircases rather than replace them. Treads are coated with a durable gritted surface and the easily-visible nosings project minimally out from the risers. Safety warnings can be stenciled onto the fiberglass treads while the nosings can be customized with a range of colors to suit your facility’s aesthetic.

Secure Fiberglass Handrails

The Department of Justice established two distinct specifications for ADA compliant handrails, to ensure that facilities pay due consideration to the age range of their primary users. Handrails must be installed at a consistent height above walking surfaces and must not obstruct walkways, staircases, or ramps.

STRONGRAIL® is a fiberglass architectural railing system that can be built to ADA requirements for locations where either adults or children are considered the primary users. With improved strength to weight ratios over wood and steel and reduced maintenance requirements, it is the ideal solution for renovating an existing structure with accessibility in mind.

Custom fiberglass solutions are also available for more challenging environments. The Boy Scouts of America’s Sea Scout facility on Galveston Island, Texas, made extensive use of fiberglass products to ensure that their facility was educational, safe, and accessible to ADA standards. It is also inherently prepared to resist the corrosive influences of heavy weather and salt water.

ADA Compliant Fiberglass Products from Strongwell

At Strongwell, we are committed to making fiberglass the industry benchmark for structural, aesthetic, and accessibility applications. We have a moral imperative to ensure that all our public facilities are open to everyone, incentivizing us to provide a cost-effective solution for ADA compliant renovations.

If you would like any more information about ADA compliances and the improving capacities of fiberglass, please do not hesitate to contact us.