FRP Architectural Trim and Flashing

With over ten years exposure to the elements, the fiberglass architectural trim and flashing on the Oakwood Commons buildings in Southfield, Michigan looks as good as the day installed. This is no surprise because the trim and flashing were constructed using Strongwell’s EXTREN® structural shapes.

Mullen Equipment, of Troy, Michigan, provided EXTREN® for architectural use because of the product’s similar aesthetic qualities to that of steel, as well as lightweight and corrosion resistant properties. Strongwell’s EXTREN® plate, channel and modified “I” beam were covered with a Tnemec series paint for added protection. The fiberglass structural shapes were then assembled for use as architectural trim and flashing. With reduced maintenance and no need for annual repainting, the FRP solution results in continual cost savings to the customer over the lifetime of the product.

Strongwell manufactures EXTREN® in more than 100 standard shapes. EXTREN® shapes have a surface veil to protect against glass fibers penetrating the resin surface in service and to increase corrosion and UV resistance. EXTREN® is the ideal replacement for steel, aluminum, and wood in a wide variety of structural and architectural applications. For more information about EXTREN® or FRP’s architectural solutions, visit