FRP Guards California Pier From Corrosion

The Avila Beach Pier in California has been reconstructed using Strongwell’s pultruded fiberglass structural materials. The 1,685-foot public pier was in need of a large stairwell at the end that would allow public access for landing boats and unloading guests.

The pier is constantly exposed to a harsh saltwater environment and is always under attack from the corrosive elements. In fact, parts of the new stairwell are entirely submerged in saltwater at all times. Strongwell’s fiberglass materials were chosen over traditional building materials because of the superior corrosion resistance and strength that FRP offers.

The pier now features a walkway that was constructed using EXTREN® I-beams and channels at the base of the pier for extra support. In addition, DURADEK® pultruded grating, stair treads and SAFRAIL™ handrail were installed. Pat Dalton Construction was pleased with the project and reported the FRP solution is far superior in performance to wood and steel materials previously used.

The pier reconstruction project is part of a local initiative responsible for growing tourism at Avila Beach after an oil spill in the 1990’s destroyed much of the land in that area. Strongwell is pleased that its FRP materials helped to restore the pier and will help it last for years to come!