FRP Stair Tread Offers Fast Track Solution for Rail Operators

017wpLocated in Baltimore, Maryland, the eighth busiest rail station in the United States needed a quick, drop-in solution for its stair renovation project. Strongwell’s DURATREAD™ FRP stair tread covers offer a minimalistic yet durable design with rapid and simple installation to minimize disruption to facilities.

This particular train station provides regional service in the northeast corridor to three major rail services, transporting almost 90,000 monthly passengers through 10 different train lines with a forecast of increased ridership. Originally built in 1911 and rebuilt in 1984, the main stairs at this station have been a victim to age, heavy constant exposure to pedestrian traffic, shovels and salt compounds. These factors all contributed to and accelerated the wear of the over 70 concrete steps.

Throughout the years, the steps have been repointed multiple times until it was recently deemed no longer feasible to do so. Instead of completely replacing the stairs, DURATREAD™ stair tread covers were offered as a more effective approach, allowing the train station to keep the existing stairs, reduce downtime and save time and money in the process of the 019wpupgrade.

DURATREAD™ ¼” thick stair tread covers were installed over the worn concrete steps with a perfect fit. Featuring extremely durable, skid resistant aluminum oxide grit, the stair tread covers will ensure a much longer life for the stairs against pedestrian traffic, shovels and snow melt chemicals.

Harrington Industrial Plastics, a distributor of Strongwell products, reported the operators of the train station were pleased with DURATREAD™ and that specification assistance regarding the refurbishment of other steps has been requested. The project has also drawn the attention of multiple rail operators to incorporate more FRP products within their facilities.

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