Long-Lasting Custom Tool Handles from Strongwell

Lightweight and highly durable, fiberglass is the ideal material for any application associated with heavy-use and wearing. As industry leaders in fiberglass pultrusion, Strongwell is ideally placed to recognize when and where to leverage FRP solutions in non-traditional markets. One rapidly growing market segment is that of custom fiberglass tool handles, a long-lasting alternative to all conventional materials.

Functional Flexibility

Long-lasting yet lightweight, our custom tool handles are made of glass fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) that are strongly fused to the metal of the tool body. The strength of the bond between these two materials guarantees long-standing performance while significantly stripping away much of the weight associated with all metal tool bodies. This also boasts the added benefit of greater aesthetic flexibility, giving manufactures the chance to market attractive products that work well.

Customized for the Customer

Offering an astounding range of styles and sizes, customers can select a handle to perfectly match their unique ergonomic or aesthetic needs. Light yellows or brilliant blues can be produced by pigmenting the resin during the dying process, for instance. Those looking for a more conventional color can pair the custom tool handle with the rest of the tool. As an added bonus, the injection of shading into the tool handle prevents any peeling or chipping so you don’t have to worry about your equipment looking bruised and beaten before its time.

Our team is more than happy to perform any additional fabrication or adjustment to your finished tool handle model. Using our technical know-how, we will fully reinforce any points of your custom tool handle which may become vulnerable after extended use. Strongwell’s attention to aftercare ensures you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you depart, and the work can start.

Strength and Durability

Our expert engineers and component creators have, through years of trial and error putting their minds together, come up with a meticulous treatment and production plan for our products, known as pultrusion.

At Stongwell, all our part-fiberglass tool handles are put through an exclusive but exhaustive process of pultrusion which gives them the strength and durability to set them out from the others and stand the test of time.

We have discovered a balanced blend of liquid resin mixture and flexible textile reinforcing fibers as the base building materials for the construction of an unbreakable concoction when treated correctly. Through the exposure of these tough raw materials to a process of pressured pulling, heating and strategic soaking, the resultant matter is solid and virtually indestructible.

If you would like more information about our custom tool handle specifications and benefits, simply contact a member of the Strongwell team today.