Why Use Fiberglass for Wastewater Treatment Grating?

Fiberglass is lightweight and can be easily molded or pultruded into a choice of profiles. It is increasingly recognized by industry-leaders and facility construction experts as an effective and environmentally friendly engineering material for challenging application areas such as water and wastewater treatment.

Wastewater Solutions

Strongwell customers include municipal and industrial wastewater professionals seeking secure treatment and storage systems. We have curated a catalog of performance solutions for every stage in the treatment chain, from storage to disposal. A constant throughout wastewater facilities are our fiberglass grating products.

Fiberglass Products
Countering Constant Water Corrosion

Wastewater treatment grating comes into constant and prolonged contact with free-flowing supplies of dirty, chemical-filled water. This extreme exposure to the potentially damaging and corrosive elements calls for a grating system that can withstand severe weathering without deterioration.

At Strongwell, all of our wastewater treatment grating systems are certified by the NSF and FGMC, from the planning phase throughout the production process. Having undergone years of trials and testing, we can claim that the current creations we have in stock are the very best available to you, the customer.

Fiberglass Grates of the Future

For our most unyieldingly durable wastewater treatment grating, our lines of DURAGRATE® and DURADEK® models provide a premium mesh panel of molded or pultruded grating, respectively.

Made expertly and exclusively in the U.S.A., both models have chemical-resistant and anti-corrosion properties, make them far more advanced than all imported alternatives. Low in maintenance and conductivity, high in impact resistance and longevity but easy to install, maneuver and fabricate, DURAGRATE® and DURADEK® wastewater treatment grating brings a number of benefits.

Fiberglass for Safety First Systems

Making the switch to one of our many models of fiberglass wastewater treatment grating systems really is the sensible solution. It is time to replace those rusty, rancid-smelling contraptions of metal that consistently required replacement. Compared to the more modern fiberglass grating, the legacy materials have become obsolete.

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Wastewater removal is a grim but unavoidable undertaking. Our wastewater treatment grating significantly reduces some of the worries around the release of wastewater into areas of your facility where it will cause immeasurable and irreversible damage and delays to production.

Whether you are wanting to install a walkway, walkover, or manhole cover, our wastewater treatment grating will provide the most practical, safe and manageable method of water treatment. Contact a member of the Strongwell team today for more details.