Shored Up For Piling


Hunting Island is a barrier island off the coast of South Carolina and possesses one of the highest rates of erosion for any coastline in the United States. In 2007, four steel sheet piling groins were installed as part of an erosion prevention measure.

Thirteen years later, the groins had to be replaced due to severe corrosion and decay. CMI Limited Co. worked with the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism and Coastal Science and Engineering, Inc. to specify, engineer, design, and install the strongest FRP sheet piling on the market, CMI’s UltraComposite™ UC-95 FRP Sheet Piling.

This product is exclusively manufactured by Strongwell and provides the highest levels of corrosion resistance in saltwater environments while offering excellent properties of weight-to-strength, drivability, and width.

Product: Sheet Piling Groins
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes:

  • CMI UltraComposite™ UC-95:

    • 30" x 17" Interlocking Z Profile

For: CMI Limited Co.
User: South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

A total of 950 lineal feet of sheet piling was installed in less than sixty days due to the time constraints around turtle nesting season.

FRP Sheet piling was installed in pairs with processes of beach nourishment running concurrently. This renourishment process included more than 1.5 million cubic yards of additional sand being added to the beach as a vibratory hammer drove sheet pilings to depths ranging up to 14 feet.

Upon installation, the designers, engineers, residents, and park owner were pleased with the result of this massive shorefront restoration project.

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