Pultruded Grating Performance at a Molded Grating Price


In June 2016, Strongwell received an overwhelmingly positive response when it announced changes to its premium DURAGRATE®, exclusively Made in the USA, molded grating product line. Today, Strongwell is pleased to offer its DURADEK® pultruded grating panels at the same price as comparably sized and configured DURAGRATE® panels. In addition, DURADEK® panels are generally kept in stock, ready for shipment.

Like DURAGRATE®, DURADEK® pultruded grating panels are exclusively made in the U.S.A. to the industry’s highest quality and performance standards. As has always been the case, DURADEK® is high strength pultruded bar grating that can be used like traditional metal grates or fiberglass molded grating but offers the inherent benefits of pultrusion. DURADEK® is an ideal replacement for steel, aluminum, or molded fiberglass gratings anywhere frequent grating and walkway replacement costs are unacceptable.

Why should I consider DURADEK®?

PRICE: DURADEK® pultruded grating panels are available at the same price as comparably sized and configured DURAGRATE® panels. This is, in many cases, a significant price reduction for Strongwell’s customers over most high-quality pultruded gratings.
SERIES: DURADEK® is stocked and available in a 1” or 1.5” I-6500 and a 2” T-5800. On all series, cross-rods will be spaced 8” on center.
AVAILABILITY: DURADEK® 1" and 1-1/2" thick panels can be purchased in 3'x10', 4'x8', 4'x12', 5'x10', 3'x20', 4'x20' or 5'x20' sizes. 2" thick panels can be purchased in 4'x12', 5'x10', 3'x20', 4'x20' or 5'x20' sizes. All sizes of DURADEK® grating are available with a flame retardant polyester or vinyl ester resin system with bearing bars in a light gray or yellow color. All panels offer cross-rods spaced 8" on center and are either light gray (polyester) or black (vinyl ester).

Q & A

Why I-6500 and T-5800

It really comes down to improved performance at a reasonable price point. DURADEK® I-6500 and T-5800 offer additional span capabilities and reduced weight per square foot compared with similar DURAGRATE® series. See the charts below for more details.


Isn’t pultruded grating a more expensive product to manufacture?

Generally speaking, yes, pultruded grating is more expensive to manufacture. Strategically producing in stock quantities I-6500 and T-5800 and offering a limited number of colors and configurations keeps manufacturing costs down without sacrificing quality or performance.

What about the other sizes/configurations of Strongwell grating, or what used to be considered DURADEK®?

Strongwell is not eliminating any of its 100+ grating options (molded or pultruded). Any pultruded grating previously available as DURADEK® is still available for purchase, it will simply be a part of the DURAGRID® product line. DURAGRID®, Strongwell's line of custom pultruded grating, is available with a wide array of options, including: colors, resin systems, panel sizes, cross rod spacings and more. Strongwell offers a huge selection of pultruded grating configuration options - anything not offered under the DURADEK® name will be manufactured under the DURAGRID® name.

Why Made in the U.S.A?

Fiberglass grating (both molded and pultruded) is often seen as a commodity product. This approach has yielded a product that is lower in price, but often of extremely poor quality, both visually and mechanically. Strongwell is proud to be known for producing only the highest quality pultruded and molded fiberglass gratings, made in the U.S.A., to the highest standard of quality and appearance.

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