Fabrication Design Solves Unique Challenges

A hallmark of good construction is when it makes effective use of fabrication design. With over sixty years of experience and more than twenty markets served, Strongwell pultruded profiles have been predominately used by contractors and fabricators to refurbish existing structures. For years, Strongwell’s complimentary design resources have been even used by individuals and small firms in designing and fabricating innovative turnkey projects for their customers.

Below are four examples of how good products coupled with ingenious design can yield great fabrication opportunities.

FABRICATION DESIGNProblem 1: A neighborhood pool needed to replace a corroded stainless steel staircase while limiting all future maintenance and replacement costs.

Solution: Most contractors quoted the housing association with a stainless steel structure kit system. A fabrication company, which had extensive experience with pultruded FRP, took a bespoke approach. A solution was presented which incorporated industrial grade SAFRAIL™ handrail, DURAGRID® T-1000 grating treads, and EXTREN® channels, square, and round tubes to construct an improved commercial grade water slide access staircase. This solution offers pool visitors an attractive end result that will give years of maintenance-free service.

FABRICATION DESIGNProblem 2: A commercial exhaust fan needed to be concealed within a short time frame with limited cost.

Solution: A local fabricator, familiar with pultruded FRP, understood the costs and concerns associated with using real masonry and how color matching would be difficult. The fabricator proposed a concept to the customer which utilized EXTREN® 3/8” plate and angle to create a fan cover disguised as a chimney. The existing brick was easily color matched with paint and mortar lines were drawn and sealed with a polyurethane coating for additional UV protection. Passersby assume there is just another chimney on the rooftop.

FABRICATION DESIGNProblem 3: A waterpark needed a structural deck which could endure a live load on a nautical play ship and still allow for maintenance access to structures and equipment underneath.

Solution: Knowing steel would be too heavy, the fabricator introduced the end-user to Strongwell’s Corrosion Resistance Guide and COMPOSOLITE® structural building panels. The final project was fabricated and outfitted with color match paint. This deck is strong and attractive, yet lightweight enough to offer maintenance workers the ability to remove the deck as needed.

DESIGN FABRICATIONProblem 4: An artist needed a minimalist and nonpermanent interactive art installation to portray a temporary concept within a public park.

Solution: The fabricator was an expert in light-weighting and understood the importance of aesthetics. The concept proposed included that the structural segments be pultruded EXTREN® profiles. This ensured that delivery and assembly could be done onsite without special transportation nor manpower requirements related to hot work permits.

Need assistance with unique fabrication concepts? Check out Strongwell’s resources page for additional product assistance or submit your drawings to us for review and discussion.